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The necessity for a concise, finished consultant to the most rules and perform of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy has turn into urgent because the psychoanalytic stream has increased and varied. An introductory textual content appropriate for a variety of classes, this energetic, largely referenced account provides the center positive factors of up to date psychoanalytic conception and perform in an simply assimilated, yet thought-provoking demeanour. Illustrated all through with medical examples, it offers an updated resource of reference for a much wider variety of psychological future health pros in addition to these education in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or counselling.

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He postulated that unacceptable memories, phantasies, wishes, thoughts, ideas and aspects of painful events were pushed back by repression into the unconscious, along with their associated emotions. In Freud’s unpublished ‘Project’ he hoped to produce a neurobiological account of the role of the unconscious, based on the flow, binding, and discharge of psychic energy, or libido. Although this ‘hydraulic’ model has largely been superseded, modern neuropsychology has confirmed, via subliminal perception and ‘preconscious processing’, that many aspects of mental life vital to survival take place outside of awareness (Dixon and Henley 1991).

In his concept of ‘the container and the contained’, Bion (1962) extended the idea of projective identification (see p. 82) and suggested that the mother acts as a container for the infant’s projected feelings, such as pain, fear of death, envy and hatred. These feelings are ‘detoxified’ by the nurturing (or in the case of analysis, ‘listening’) breast, and then returned in such a way that the infant gets back good feelings of being held and understood rather than the original bad projections. In this way the infant makes sense of his experiences, and introjects an object that is capable of bearing and allaying anxiety.

Fairbairn and Guntrip made no such attempt and neither did Sullivan, whereas Mahler (see pp. 60–1), Klein, Kernberg and Kohut tried to do so, although the latter, as we shall see, downplayed aggressive drives. Most of the British writers, such as Winnicott and Balint, have had no difficulty in combining the two, especially in their clinical formulations; and more recently Sandler (1981) has proposed a mixed model. Despite their differences, Fairbairn, Guntrip, Winnicott and Balint have been lumped together as the British object relations theorists (Sutherland 1980; Greenberg and Mitchell 1983; Phillips 1988).

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