New PDF release: American Revolution: primary sources

By Barbara Bigelow

ISBN-10: 0787637904

ISBN-13: 9780787637903

A set of annotated files with regards to the yank Revolution, together with speeches, autobiographical textual content, and proclamations.

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From the Stamp Act 7 Ever since the establishment of the American colonies, the British government had allowed merchants on the Board of Trade to oversee colonial trade. As long as British merchants were happily and profitably trading with the colonies, that was all that mattered. Grenville knew that some colonists smuggled goods into the colonies from the West Indies, which meant that England was not making any money from the exchange of goods. Grenville convinced King George that it was time to get control of the American colonies and earn some money from them for government expenses.

Of right ought to be, subordinate unto: Should be under the control of. Lords spiritual and temporal, and commons: Religious and civilian members of the upper house of Parliament (House of Lords) and members of the lower house of Parliament (House of Commons). Hath: Have. Force and validity: Legal impact. 21 laws and statutes as aforesaid, is denied, or drawn into question, are, and are hereby declared to be, utterly null and void to all intents and purposes whatsoever. (Commager, pp. 60–61) Aforesaid: Previously mentioned.

In June 1768, Hancock’s boat Liberty was seized by customs officers for an alleged violation of the Town30 American Revolution: Primary Sources shend Acts. In turn, the customs officers found their own boat set on fire. As tempers flared, Governor Bernard suspended the Massachusetts Assembly in June 1768. From London came orders to British general Gage to move some of his soldiers from New York to Boston. On October 1, the British Army took control of Boston Common. With British soldiers camped on Boston’s doorstep, the spirit of defiance spread.

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