Download PDF by David E. Shi, George Brown Tindall: America: a narrative history

By David E. Shi, George Brown Tindall

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The major narrative historical past that scholars like to learn, in a extra concise format.

With greater than million copies offered, America is still the top narrative background survey textual content simply because it’s a ebook that scholars get pleasure from examining. The 10th version is either extra suitable, providing elevated awareness to the tradition of daily life, and extra available, that includes a discounted variety of chapters and a streamlined narrative all through. The short version is 20 percentage shorter in overall pages than its guardian complete version.

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Over the centuries, they had developed diverse and often highly sophisticated societies, some rooted in agriculture, others in trade or imperial conquest. So, the New World was “new” only to the Europeans who began exploring, conquering, and exploiting the region at the end of the late fifteenth century. The Indian cultures were, of course, profoundly affected by the arrival of peoples from Europe and Africa. The Indians experienced catastrophic cultural change: they were exploited, infected, enslaved, displaced, and exterminated.

What effect did the Protestant Reformation have on the colonization of the “New World”? T he history of the United States of America begins long before 1776. The supposed “New World” discovered by intrepid European explorers was in fact a very “old world” to civilizations thousands of years in the making. Debate continues about when and how the first humans arrived in North America. , the land bridge had been submerged by rising sea levels). These nomadic, spear-wielding hunters and their descendants, called Paleo-Indians (“old” Indians) by archaeologists, drifted south in pursuit of large game animals.

The Aztecs also used the religious obligation to offer sacrifices as a means of justifying their relentless imperial assaults against other tribes. Prisoners of war in vast numbers were needed as sacrificial offerings. In elaborate weekly rituals at temples and in the streets, Aztec priests used stone knives to cut out the beating hearts of live victims. By the early sixteenth century as many as 10,000 people a year were sacrificed at numerous locations across Mesoamerica. The Spanish were aghast at this “most horrid and abominable custom,” but it is important to remember that sixteenth-century Europeans also conducted public torture and executions of the most ghastly sort—beheadings, burnings, hangings.

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