New PDF release: Alphabet of Masks

By Dmitri Birman, Antonina W. Bouis, Bela Shayevich

ISBN-10: 1936274353

ISBN-13: 9781936274352

ISBN-10: 1936274361

ISBN-13: 9781936274369

Alphabet of mask is a suite of brief tales and poems written on a cellphone. it really is an imaginitive foray into the modern day Russian event. Dmitri Birman exhibits us how modern day Russians straddle their Soviet previous and their capitalist destiny with a view to live on. The tales are wry, funny, and sexually frank; the poems lyrical and elegiac in regards to the narrator and his buddies. The anti-Semitic truth of faculty bullies and military conscription, the adolescent craving for classmates and instructing assistants, the Soviet dream of global trip and comfort consumption—all are a part of the e-book, whereas the poetry resonates as diversifications on a topic. Dmitri Birman turned a brand new Russian businessman after Communism fell. A prize-winning poet, he's a member of the Russian PEN.

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The Sergio Rossi shoes were sprinkled with Swarovski crystals. Her unruly blond curls were subdued in a clever hairdo. But her close scrutiny, like a top executive‘s, noted the crow‘s feet and the wrinkles on her brow, and the barely noticeable lines by her lips. ―I look like an aging Barbie,‖ Tatyana Alexandrovna thought, and quickly turning on her stiletto heels, easily did a split and turned instantly into Coco. That was Lapina‘s name in her dancing youth. No one knew why: maybe her love of black dresses, 18 Alphabet of Masks or her severe and aloof gaze, or because the first money she earned in a show, dedicated to City Day, she spent on Chanel No.

When his loved ones are gone? When his friends have betrayed him? When anguish turns into a drinking spree, or howling at the full moon, or mortal danger in a hot spot? Where do you go when there‘s nowhere to go? If distant vistas don‘t beckon and the sun doesn‘t warm you? If the weather is divided into ―rain‖ and ―not rain‖? I walk through the cemetery and think that there is always a place and people to go to. Or almost always. Our lost relatives and friends are always here and they always expect us and are happy to see us.

The company president was fifteen years her senior and they had good working relations, but… He was married and his two sons were at university. He valued his family, but … Recently she imaged that he looked at her in a special way. Coco knew that men were attracted to her. Even the young and good-looking Dima, who started 20 Alphabet of Masks working as their system administrator two months ago, couldn‘t take his eyes off her, which annoyed her. But Vadim Nikolayevich! He was the man of her dreams, and he had seemed impossible, like every dream… When Coco arrived, almost everyone was there, and Nadya, Vadim Nikolayevich‘s secretary, who knew everything about everyone, was seating people at numbered tables.

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