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In this insightful and provocative ebook, Alon Tal presents an in depth account of Israeli forests, tracing their background from the Bible to the current, and descriptions the hassle to remodel drylands and degraded soils into filthy rich parks, rangelands, and ecosystems. Tal’s description of Israel’s trials and mistakes, and his exploration of either the environmental background and the present coverage dilemmas surrounding that country's forests, will supply important classes within the future years for different elements of the realm trying to reestablish timberlands.

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Nonetheless, millions of the trees in today’s forests were planted during the Mandate. So too were the seeds of Israel’s ambitious afforestation initiative that would ultimately transform the local landscape. British Afforestation Ideology For the British, afforestation was first and foremost an economic development initiative. To be sure, like High Commissioner Samuel, many Mandate officials were imbued with a sense of higher purpose in restoring the Promised Land to its former botanical glory. Chief among them were Mandate officials who oversaw the government bureaucracy: the chief forest officer, F.

Among his major concerns was the scourge of overgrazing. Aaronsohn cited American research showing that a hundred goats could wipe out seven and a half hectares of vegetation within a year. He called for an end to nomadic grazing with stock limits placed on local herds as well as levies on livestock and tax-free status for afforested lands. He also recommended a cessation of all charcoal exports to Egypt and a ban on harvesting trees for heat during the flowering season. π≠ Nevertheless, at the end of the nineteenth century several natural forest stands remained.

Today, as one passes through the offices of the city’s art museum, one sees a large image celebrating the local heritage: an archival photograph of trees piled high, waiting to be burned internally to prepare charcoal. Yet, this was hardly a sustainable enterprise. In a Lorax-like myopia, the town quickly extirpated the local woodlands and had to bring wood from greater and greater distances. By the twentieth century, most of the residents had become farmers. After the Ottoman empire defeated the Mamluk Egyptian regime for con- 22 From the Bible to the British trol of Palestine in 1516 the situation did not improve appreciably.

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