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By Martin O'Connor

ISBN-10: 0912173033

ISBN-13: 9780912173030

Whole biographies of all forty nine brave aces of the twin Monarchy.

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But as black teachers were trained, they took over the elementary schools, such as this one photographed in the 1870s. EDUCATION Abolitionists were more successful in helping freedpeople get an education. During the war, freedmen’s aid societies and missionary societies founded by abolitionists had sent teachers to Union-occupied areas of the South to set up schools for freed slaves. After the war, this effort was expanded with the aid of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Two thousand northern teachers fanned out into every part of the South to train black teachers.

But not all of the scandals were Grant’s fault. This was an era notorious for corruption at all levels of government. The Tammany Hall “Ring” of “Boss” William Marcy Tweed in New York City may have stolen more money from taxpayers than all the federal agencies combined. In Washington, one of the most widely publicized scandals, the Credit Mobilier affair, concerned Congress rather than the Grant administration. Several congressmen had accepted stock in the Credit Mobilier, a construction company for the Union Pacific Railroad, which received loans and land grants from the government in return for ensuring lax congressional supervision, thereby permitting financial manipulations by the company.

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