Ai Weiwei's Blog (Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, - download pdf or read online

By Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei

ISBN-10: 0262295873

ISBN-13: 9780262295871

Manifestos and conceited proposals from China's most renowned artist and activist, culled from his well known web publication, close down by way of chinese language specialists in 2009.

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Humans are the only animals constantly adapting to their 20 2006 TEXTS situations as they evolve, for we are the only animals that don’t rely on style to distinguish ourselves. For instance, if certain animals change their colors or shapes, this is in response to the pressures of existence itself, but only humans choose to do so because of emotional and subjective intentions, because of their personal understanding of the world, or as a means of communication. Regardless of one’s chosen approach, there are two possibilities, the first of which is finding one’s place within the natural world—even if one’s relationship is conflicting, this is still the kind of harmony we must seek.

In nearly one hundred years of Chinese social practice, a variety of social ethics and aesthetic forms that employed traditional cultural forms as their foundation have been scarred and battered—nothing remains. What has replaced them is a Marxist concept of utopia, the cruel ideology of “class struggle,” and an inhuman societal reality. The economic reform and opening1 nearly thirty years ago was the unavoidable choice for this calamity-ridden people at a historical impasse. 4 billion people into gradually becoming a part of global economic and political systems.

The fossils were small, yet hugely presumptuous, both greedy and faithless. I lingered before these fossils, filled with a sensation difficult to describe. One of the halls in the museum had attracted a crowd of locals. It featured a display of human organs and corpses. In the midst of the crowded hall were displays containing conjoined twins, and mummies dried in a standing position, amid assorted organs and brains. In the center of the hall was a woman’s body floating in formaldehyde like a giant fish.

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Ai Weiwei's Blog (Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009) by Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei

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