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By Roy Armes

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There are, as most commentators on the film have noted, no Arabs in the Casbah! Slimane 23 AFRICAN FILMMAKING is stereotyped as a wily and treacherous oriental, detested by his French superiors, and Pépé’s girlfriend Inès (French actress Line Noro) is depicted not as an Arab, but as a gypsy, complete with dark make-up, black frizzy hair and large earrings. As the Algerian critic Abdelghani Megherbi notes, ‘Duvivier did not think it worthwhile to give even the slightest role to Algerians. 12 The sole Arab name in the credits is that of Mohamed Iguerbouchen, who supplied the ‘oriental’ music to supplement Vincent Scotto’s effective but fundamentally Western score.

Reader, Africa, p. 627. 22. Ibid. 16 THE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE 23. Hull, Modern Africa, p. 184. 24. Donal B. , 2003), pp. 142–3. 25. Albert Memmi, The Colonizer and the Colonized (London: Souvenir Press, 1974), p. 106. 26. , pp. 104–5. 27. , p. 107. 28. Walter Rodney, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa (London: Bogle-L’Ouverture, 1972), p. 116. 29. Junichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (London: Vintage, 2001), p. 16. 30. , pp. 16–7. 31. Denise Brahimi, Cinémas d’Afrique francophone et du Maghreb (Paris: Nathan, 1997), p.

71 For those Africans who live in Islamic societies, the relationship between the individual and the collectivity is even more complex and in many ways yet further removed from that which is to be found in hierarchically organised (‘pyramidal’) Western societies. Fuad I. 74 Success in social terms, becoming first among equals, means building a group around yourself, so that you will never be left alone. 76 There are clear differences in emphasis between Khuri’s arguments about acquiring power and those of Solanke about achieving social inclusion.

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