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AGallbladder On the foreleg. b On the hindleg. Liver TB-4 GB-40 LR-3 On the yang channels, the source points are located between the transport and the well points (as the 4th most distally lying points, on the gallbladder channel as the 5th) and have no pronounced effect on their associated bowel. Rather, they remove excess pathogens from their channel. Besides their therapeutic effect, the source points can also be helpful in the diagnosis of disorders in the bowels, because they respond to existing imbalances with sensitivity to pressure.

Carried by wind, cold invades the body. In most of these cases, we are dealing with external conditions. Depending on the severity of the cold, the patient's state of resistance, and the chronological progression of the disorder, the cold leads to a clearly defined disease picture. The cold can penetrate further into the body along the following six channel levels (p. 21), developing typical disease signs: Yang levels – Small intestine–bladder = tai yang – Triple burner–gallbladder = shao yang – Large intestine–stomach = yang ming Yin levels – Lung–spleen/pancreas = tai yin – Heart–kidney = shao yin – Pericardium–liver = jue yin The first three (yang) levels indicate patterns in which the body is strongly resisting the pathogenic factor.

Anything that alienates the organism from nature has the ability to disrupt the equilibrium of its natural energy system. The seasonal or climatic conditions under which a disorder initially arose are as important for diagnosis as the living conditions or the particular development of the disease. Also significant are the time of day and/or season during which a problem manifests with particular clarity. Like Chinese human medicine, Chinese veterinary medicine has also continually developed for several thousand years.

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