New PDF release: A history of West Africa, 1000-1800

By Basil Davidson

ISBN-10: 0582603404

ISBN-13: 9780582603400

This article is designed for college students getting ready for O point historical past, supplying an exam of a few of the key tendencies and occasions in West African heritage from advert 1000-1800.

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It is l i k e l y that w h i l e Kangaba was a subject country of the G h a n a empire, perhaps sending yearly gifts to its ruler i n exchange for friendly protection against enemies and rivals, the traders of Kangaba enjoyed positions of privilege w i t h i n the empire. T h e r e was a two-sided interest here. T h e government of G h a n a needed gold, and it was largely from Wangara that G h a n a ' s gold must come. But the traders who dealt i n the gold of Wangara also needed a market, and it was only i n G h a n a that they could find this market.

B u t the k i n g of Portugal was unable to help, and did n o t h i n g except send messengers and gifts to his ally Manza M u h a m m a d II. T h e time was still far ahead when Europeans w o u l d be strong enough to have any direct influence o n the affairs of West A f r i c a . WESTERN REGION III CHAPTER SIX Early Senegambia before 1600 Senegambia T h e name Senegambia is used for the coastland between the Senegal and G a m b i a Rivers, and for some of the inland country as w e l l . Takrur (Futa Toro) L o n g before 1000, the region of the R i v e r Senegal was the scene of political advances connected w i t h the long-distance trade northward through M a u r e t a n i a to the cities of what afterwards became M o r o c c o .

T h i s was a yp political development w h i c h happened i n many lands. It occurred m u c h the same time, for example, among the Y o r u b a of W e s t n N i g e r i a : the Y o r u b a 'mother state' of Ife set the pattern fa Z W i t h the development of European sea-trade along the coast of ' See Chapter 10, Yoruba methods of government, page 120. That of Dilute Pacheco Peteirs, Esmcraldo dc Situ Orbit, $6 57 Senegal, there came a gradual dissolution of W o l o f power. European contacts had begun i n the 1440s, at first as little more than piracy.

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