New PDF release: 50 Ways Women Can Prevent Heart Disease

By M. Sara Rosenthal

ISBN-10: 0071395520

ISBN-13: 9780071395526

(Lowell residence) patron advisor discusses why middle disorder in ladies is frequently misdiagnosed; how signs fluctuate in ladies; how way of life, pressure, and nutrition position girls in danger; and the professionals and cons of hormone alternative treatment. Softcover.

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If starvation is involved in our trying to lose weight, our bodies become more efficient at getting fat. Starvation triggers an intelligence in the metabolism; the body suddenly thinks it is living in a war zone and goes into “superefficient nomadic mode,” not realizing that it is living in modern North America. So, when we return to our normal caloric intake, or even a lower-than-normal caloric intake after we’ve starved ourselves, we gain more weight. Our bodies say, “Oh look—food! ” Some researchers believe that starvation diets slow down our metabolic rates far below normal so that weight gain becomes more rapid after each starvation episode.

Studies show that people Diet with very high cholesterol levels have the most to gain from eating soybeans. Soybeans are also a source of phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) that are believed to lower the risks of estrogen-related cancers (for example, breast cancer), as well as lower the incidence of estrogen-loss symptoms associated with menopause. Whole-grain breads are also good sources of insoluble fiber (flax bread is particularly good because flaxseeds are a source of soluble fiber, too). The problem is understanding what is truly whole grain.

The problem is understanding what is truly whole grain. For example, there is an assumption that because bread is dark or brown, it’s more nutritious; this isn’t so. In fact, many brown breads are simply enriched white breads dyed with molasses. ) High-fiber pita breads and bagels are available, but you have to search for them. 17. Understand Psychological Reasons for Weight Gain At least 80 percent of women at risk for cardiovascular problems weigh 20 percent more than they should for their height and age—the technical definition of obese.

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