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This historical past of the foundational battle within the Arab-Israeli clash is groundbreaking, target, and deeply revisionist. A riveting account of the army engagements, it additionally makes a speciality of the war's political dimensions. Benny Morris probes the explanations and goals of the protagonists at the foundation of newly opened Israeli and Western documentation. The Arab side—where the files are nonetheless closed—is illuminated with the aid of intelligence and diplomatic materials. Morris stresses the jihadi personality of the two-stage Arab attack at the Jewish neighborhood in Palestine. all through, he examines the dialectic among the war's army and political advancements and highlights the army impetus within the construction of the refugee challenge, which used to be a derivative of the disintegration of Palestinian Arab society. The e-book completely investigates the function of the good Powers—Britain, the us, and the Soviet Union—in shaping the clash and its tentative termination in 1949. Morris seems to be either at excessive politics and basic employees decision-making approaches and on the nitty-gritty of wrestle within the successive battles that resulted within the emergence of the kingdom of Israel and the humiliation of the Arab international, an embarrassment that underlies the ongoing Arab antagonism towards Israel. 

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The Romans, who conquered and reconquered the land and suppressed successive Jewish revolts in the first and second centuries CE, renamed the land Palaestina (derived from the country's southern coastal area, named Pleshet, in Hebrew, or Philistia, in Latin, after its second millennium BCE inhabitants, the Philistines) in an effort to separate the Jews, many of whom they exiled, from their land. Among the Gentiles, the name Palestine stuck. By the early nineteenth century, after centuries of Byzantine rule and suc cessive Persian, Arab, Crusader, Arab, and Ottoman conquests, Palestine was an impoverished backwater.

Even before its outbreak, the Arab world had been smoldering with the idea of a jihad (holy war) against the Yishuv. 26 But the revolt was somewhat lackadaisical: initially, few Palestinians actually participated in hostilities, and they were disorganized and poorly led and equipped. By October they had managed to kill only twenty-eight Britons and eighty Jews (at a cost of some two hundred Arab dead). The British and the Yishuv reacted with restraint, though London began to curtail Jewish immigration.

Indeed, much of the elite was so disillusioned or frightened by what had happened that it permanently renounced political activity. The Palestinians had also suffered serious economic harm, through both the general strike and British repression. They had prematurely expended their military power against the wrong enemy and had been dealt a mortal blow in advance of the battle with the real enemy, Zionism. The damage to their war effort in 1947-1948 was incalculable. The triangular conflict in Palestine was put on hold for the duration of World War II.

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